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The "Partners Within" were crafted for people who want to know more about who they are and what they are doing with their lives. These partners use a patented 7-step introspection and a 3-step meditation technique designed to stimulate personal and spiritual growth. Discover for yourself how the Partners Within can help you with growing your personal introspective and meditative abilities for greater spiritual growth.

My Life — My Love — My Light

Want to see how Three-Word Introspection works for you? Pick one from the list below. Then, find a quiet place, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Think about what the words mean to you and how they apply to your life.

Now is a good time to start using a Rainbow of colors in order to more deeply understand how they can help you to recover from the missteps in your life and go forward.

In order for you to get to know who you are and what you are doing, remember these action words. Return to this list of Three-Word Introspection whenever you wish:

Three-Word Introspections: Seven Metaphysical Energy Centers

Red - Think Me

If this first introspection reveals you are using an excessive amount of pride and arrogance in your life, try visualizing the Brilliant Red Light radiating from your pelvis chakra.* Verbalize the words "Think-Me." With practice, you will be strengthening the foundations of your personality. Let Red bring out the best of your total being, creating a better understanding of who you are and what you are doing with your life.

Orange - Clean Past

Having a problem with the addictition powers of gluttony and intoxication? Visualize a Fire Orange Light radiating from your gut chakra while verbalizing the words "Clean-Past." This is the empowerment of your digestion system that fuels the energy for your life. Let Orange burn any negativity from your past, showing you the way to the personal and spiritual growth so desperately needed for yourself and your world.

Yellow - Heal Now

Are the destructive powers of laziness and jealousy destroying your life? While visualizing a Golden Yellow Light radiating from your diaphragm chakra, verbalize the words "Heal-Now," empowering the deep breaths of relaxation that heal your life. Yellow unlocks the understanding of your ever-present now, gaining acceptance of all that is fair and good.

Green - Grow Trust

Confused about the temptations and lures of lying and stealing? Use Forest Green to destroy these destructive powers. While visualizing Forest Green radiating from your Heart chakra, verbalize the words "Grow-Trust," thereby strengthening your cardiopulmonary system, and, in turn, growing your desire to be the best that you can be. Let Green grow your understanding and trust for the intricate planet of life that supports us all.

Blue - Serve Love

Are you tempted to succumb to the seductive powers of hatred and revenge? Visualizing a Sky Blue Light that radiates from your Throat chakra while you verbalize the words "Serve-Love." Share your services with others while earning their services in return. Let Sky Blue show you the way to true love by demonstrating this truth: The better you serve the better you will be served in return.

Indigo - Hear See

Use Ocean Indigo to destroy the evils of greed and rape. While visualizing an Ocean Indigo Light radiating from your Brain chakra, verbalize the words "Hear-See," learning from the opportunities of words and pictures. Let Indigo guide you to the mutually beneficial promises that define what is best for yourself, other people and all of Earth's life.

Purple - Bond All

While visualizing a Royal Purple Light radiating from your Mind chakra, verbalize the words "Bond-All," helping you to learn what is best for you and the networks you are involved with. Let Purple show you the way to global joy by using this fact: We are but a single species sharing a single planet with a common purpose of what's right for all. Use Royal Purple to destroy the terrible sins of terror and murder. If you are seriously considering a termination of you or another's life, read about your Partners Within and seek professional help.

Sometimes you may want to use this 'partner within' to simply bask in the glory of Life, Love and Light. Other times you may want to let yourself become immersed in the universal beauty of Pure Spirit. You can enter all these states of delight. Eyes closed, silently chant the words "My Life" until you eliminate all other thoughts.

Then, picture a Spirit of Pure Life starting to glow from the inside of your mind. This is the power of Pure Spirit, an energy that wants what is right, that wants to survive and prosper. As you inhale, expand the energy of life inside your physical mind. As you exhale, visualize life radiating throughout your body: torso, arms and legs.

Now, immersed in the energy of life, chant the words "My Love." Concentrate on a feeling of pure and selfless appreciation for all the love you have ever known. Allow the beautiful warmth of love to sweep over you. Love's essence is unconditional; the joyful feeling of wanting what is right and what is best for all the people involved.

Now, by adding the words "My Light," Pure Life and Love become one with Pure Spirit, one with all of Earth's life, love and light. Here, the triple powers of the universe wait: Pure Life for your human left-brain, Pure Love for your higher right-brain and Pure Light for your highest whole-brain. This partnership stimulates the growth of universal and unconditional love: a Love that is capable of pursuing the noblest of goals: Using a Pure Spirit that seeks what is best for all.