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Robert Felix

Robert Felix


As a retired stockbroker with over 40 year's experience, I have been acutely aware of the ups and downs of American and global companies. I have watched the remarkable surge of Western economies and more recently, the stunning rise of prosperity in emerging economies.

Over the decades, I have also seen the rise and fall of entire technologies and industries, of currencies and derivatives, of amazing human aspirations and spectacular failures. And I have observed war and peace in human societies and the nations we create. For us to survive into the 21st century and beyond, we will have to be wise and worldly in deciding right from wrong, good from bad, love from fear, and trust from doubt.

Over the past 50 years, we have seen the world create more wealth than has ever been created in the entire history of mankind. Over the next few decades we have the potential to double this wealth, and then double it again. But I am worried about the future of the children of our world. Historically, global exploitation of limited resources without global governance has been a recipe for disaster.

Look at our future. The land and water resources are already being utilized to near their capacity. The air temperature and quality needs to enable a healthy population, not risk it. And the world's sweet crude supply is set to peak soon.

The relentless ascendancy of unbridled empires is the greatest risk for our future. Over the course of history, we have seen the rise and fall of many a nation; most have come and gone, but none has yet been able to govern all of Earth's life. Hopefully, what is different this time around is the Internet. It enables nearly everyone to be a witness and a participant in our global future.

Fortunately, human dignity is bigger than the governments we create. People are pretty good at getting along with their friends, families and colleagues. But it is crucial that we grow beyond our regional interests, beyond the lack of understanding for strangers, and beyond the little respect we have for cultures other than our own. What will enable this growth is the realization that for our very salvation and prosperity, we are as dependent upon others as they are dependent upon us. This is the goal of The Partners Within: the balance and unity of a global spirituality that works for all.