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Partners Within 21st Century Prayer and Meditation


The Partners Within creates the grounds to link the concepts of the "me," to the "you," and importantly, to the "we," or all of humankind. Gaining a more inclusive sense of this whole is an evolving concept and a critical step to our future success.

Throughout our prehistory, humanity was limited to the circles of trust that included families, tribes and religions. In more recent times, we have expanded this trust to include villagers, nationalities, corporations, the rule of law and human-rights. Today, we need to use 21st century prayer and meditation to continue to modernize our image of the whole of humanity in order to stabilize our relationship to our only home, the Planet Earth.

With a global population destined to multiply to nearly ten billion by the middle of the 21st century, our species is testing the limits to the amount of natural resources we can consume. The ongoing global economic boom is creating an exponential demand for decent food, air, water and energy that could eventually overwhelm supply, threatening our global reality. But the historical cycles of boom and bust need not be inevitable.

What we need for sustainable growth is a global awareness of the fact that we are all equally responsible for our actions and that we need to be equally involved in our future. How we deal with these upcoming challenges will require an expanded global awareness of what is right for all of Earth's life. Our salvation and prosperity depends on it.

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