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Origins of Spirituality

Thursday, August 17th, 2017


Although the origins of spirituality may never be scientifically known, philosophers have long speculated that it started many millions of years ago when early hominids were first becoming aware of the life-giving powers of the sun. When our current species evolved over one hundred thousand years ago, we certainly must have wondered about the mysteries of life, death, nature and spirituality.

The earliest archeological evidence of modern human’s religious practices goes back to cave paintings, ceremonial artifacts, personal decorations and myths. People must have long believed their world was closely connected to a higher power. Many a legend describes people needing help and gods would appear for them. Our spiritual traditions are one long testament to this connection. From the pre-writing traditions of Abraham and Moses, to the ancient Greek world in Homer’s Iliad, down to St. Paul on the road to Damascus, humanity’s heritage is one long conversation between the human and the Divine.

But today, it is harder to feel that bond. We may still want to be servants of God’s plan but our modern world races ahead with high technology, space flights, complex issues with international governments and the fierce competition that exists between all citizens to prosper. No wonder many people equate gods with fantasy, legends or myth.

Yet humankind remains a species in search of pure spirituality. The question is: how do you nurture a connection with some form of God? While spirituality may feel distant, it is real. Its power of love emanates in all things. It was in all things as before we were made and its love will remain long after we cease to exist. It is the eternal energy of Pure Spirit, a generous, generative power that seeks to help us love more, and better.

The need for a connection to a greater Spirit is what makes us human. Most of us struggle when we need advice or help. Does God listen to us when we pray? How will you call the Divine into your personal spirit? It seems that one defining condition of all human life is the need to feel for a presence beyond the reality that our senses perceive: the spiritual. To get to the spiritual side of these questions we need to look beyond the immediate surroundings of family, friends, community and/or nation. Perhaps the spiritual world has never been so challenged by the philosophies of “reality” as it is today. Yet to recover the ground between you and your spirit, you must first ask yourself, unequivocally, what it is that you feel inside of yourself when you ask the question, “Am I alone?”